18650 Battery

最後更新: 2018-12-30


18650 係一雒規格: 18mm x 65mm in size.

Capacity: range of 1800mAh to around 3500mAh (2018年)

Voltage: 3.6V / 3.7V

Chemical: Li-Ion

Charging Cycles: 500




1mAh = 0.001A*3600s = 3.6A


3500mAh的电池可以提供持续 7 小时的 500mA 恒流

Max: 3600mAh@2018yr


Continuous Discharge Rating (CDR)


The higher the capacity, the lower the CDR. That means devices that draw less power can take advantage of higher-capacity cells.

If you pick the wrong battery, the cells will get too hot. Heat will damage the battery, reducing its overall lifespan.

Max: 35A@2018yr




This circuit protects the battery against dangers like excessive charging and discharging, short circuiting, and extreme temperatures.

This is located one end of the battery




Panasonic is the market leader, but Samsung, Sony, and LG all produce very high-quality cells.

Sony VTC5A

CDR/Capacity: 30A/2600mAh

Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

Samsung 30Q


CDR/Capacity: 15A/3000mAh

Samsung 25R


CDR/Capacity: 20A/2600mAh



Fenix ARB-L18-X

  • ARB-L18-3500: $118@201812
  • ARB-L18-3400: $98@201812
  • ARB-L18-2900: $78@201812
  • ARB-L18-2600: $58@201812


  • AB8 1700mAh $9.9@201812
  • AB2 2000mAh $15@201812
  • AB5-S 3350mAh $39@201812