Gear 360



Stitch by "Gear 360 Action Director"

Gear 360 Action Director saves stitched files automatically.

The stitched files are saved under

Documents > Cyberlink > Action Director > 1.0 > 360



Stitch by "hugin"





The blender (default is Enblend) may place a seam on any part of the overlap between photos. This can result in a person or object being cut by the seam and only partly appearing in the final stitch. Blend masking allows you to define an include region which the blender will try to incorporate into the final stitch, as well as an exclude region which the blender will try to keep out of the stitch.

Blend masks are not like normal "cut and paste" masking. They are more like hints for the blender. Therefore it is not always necessary to carefully define a mask exactly on the boundary of an object. Often it sufficient to roughly enclose the area to be included or excluded. Be careful to exclude a part of one photo only if some other photo shows the same part of the scene, otherwise you will get a black empty area in your final panorama.

Tip: Control points between fisheye images almost always have a lot of rotational variation, so if you want auto fine-tune to work then enable

File -> Preferences -> Finetune -> Rotation Search.






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