Nagios - check_tcp





它是最基本的 plugin, 可以說是通用


check_tcp [opts] -H host -p port


  • -p, --port=INTEGER
  • -S, --ssl                         # Use SSL for the connection.

String check:

-s, --send=STRING      # String to send to the server

-e, --expect=STRING   # String to expect in server response (不限次序及重覆, 有就得)

-E, --escape

Must come before send or quit option.

Can use \n, \r, \t or \\ in send or quit string.

Default: nothing added to send, \r\n added to end of quit

-q, --quit=STRING

String to send server to initiate a clean close of the connection


./check_tcp -s A -e B -H x.x.x.x -p 7

TCP WARNING - Unexpected response from host/socket on x.x.x.x port 7|time=2.239964s;;;0.000000;10.000000