ESXi 5 snapshot

ESXi 5 snapshot

the virtual machine snapshot delete operation combines the consolidation of the data and the deletion of the file.

 flushing dirty buffers from the operating system's in-memory cache to disk
<vm>-<number>.vmdk and <vm>-<number>-delta.vmdk
# child disks, redo logs, or delta links

# database of the virtual machine's snapshot information

# memory state

"Delete All"Consolidate: Merges the hierarchy of redo logs.

Virtual Machine Resource Allocation Tab Memory Section

Reservation: Guaranteed memory allocation for this virtual machine
Overhead Reservation: The amount of memory that is being reserved for virtualization overhead.
Ballooned: Amount of memory reclaimed by ballooning.


vm.ispconfig-flat.vmdk                                # 未有 snapshoot 前 data 的寫入地方

vm.ispconfig-000001-delta.vmdk                  # snapshoot 後, 新 Data 寫入的地方

# Delete snapshot "vm.ispconfig-000001*"