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foobar2000 component


DTS decoder

This component decodes .DTS and .DTSWAV files, and also decodes DTS and DTS-derived bitstreams in other raw PCM stream containers,

including .WAV, .FLAC, .WV, and .TAK. It also decodes DTS packets in several stream container formats, including .MP4 and .MKA.


Monkey's Audio Decoder 2.3.1

Provides decoding support for Monkey's Audio files (.APE) as well as APE Link files (.APL).


AC3 decoder 0.9.13

This component decodes .AC3 audio files, and streams containing .AC3 format audio in other container formats supported by the player or other components.


Chacon 3

Chacon is a simple tool for fixing tags by converting them between different character sets.

It can be generally used to fix ID3v1 tags or cue sheets saved in a codepage different from that of your system.