Cleanup & Check Harddisk Under LSI RAID三, 03/02/2021 - 09:57 的修訂版本


最後更新: 2020-02-03



SAS Disk 的健康指數



  • Total uncorrected errors
  • Elements in grown defect list

Default: an empty grown defect list (or maybe up to 5 entries on just a few drives)

If the number is not zero => monitor the defect list for some time to see if it is still growing.

A steadily growing defect list is a good sign for the drive to fail in the near future.




MegaCli64 -PDinfo -PhysDrv[252:2] -a0

Media Error Count: 0
Other Error Count: 0
Predictive Failure Count: 0

MegaCli64 -cfgldadd R0[252:2] WT NORA -a0

MegaCli64 -LDInfo -Lall -a0

smartctl --scan

/dev/bus/0 -d megaraid,16 # /dev/bus/0 [megaraid_disk_16], SCSI device

smartctl -d megaraid,16 -a /dev/bus/0

smartctl -d megaraid,16 -t short /dev/bus/0

smartctl -d megaraid,16 -a /dev/bus/0

smartctl -d megaraid,16 -t long /dev/bus/0

smartctl -d megaraid,16 -a /dev/bus/0

Self-test execution status:             89% of test remaining
SMART Self-test log
Num  Test              Status                 segment  LifeTime  LBA_first_err [SK ASC ASQ]
     Description                              number   (hours)
# 1  Background long   Self test in progress ...  64     NOW                 - [-   -    -]
# 2  Background short  Completed                  64   39758                 - [-   -    -]

Long (extended) Self-test duration: 5616 seconds [93.6 minutes]

LifeTime: 相當卡 "number of hours powered up"

Vendor (Seagate Cache) information
  Blocks sent to initiator = 2668630296                # 不會上升
  Blocks received from initiator = 1675807082          # 不會上升
  Blocks read from cache and sent to initiator = 4272401990

清 Data

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sde bs=32M        # Blocks received from initiator 會不斷上升

smartctl -d megaraid,16 -a /dev/bus/0

MegaCli64 -CfgLdDel -L1 -a0

Adapter 0: Deleted Virtual Drive-1(target id-1)

MegaCli64 -PDPrpRmv -PhysDrv[252:2] -a0

Prepare for removal Success

MegaCli64 -PDinfo -PhysDrv[252:2] -a0

Firmware state: Unconfigured(good), Spun down




smartctl -d megaraid,16 -a /dev/bus/0

SMART support is:     Unavailable - device lacks SMART capability.

Current Drive Temperature:     0 C
Drive Trip Temperature:        0 C

Error Counter logging not supported

Device does not support Self Test logging

原因: Firmware state: Unconfigured(good), Spun down

 => 為免 HDD Spun down, 我為要建立 R0