wavpack五, 09/04/2021 - 22:27 的修訂版本


最後更新: 2021-04-09


Extension : .wv

lossless mode(compression ratio:  30% ~ 70%)

hybrid compression mode ( lossy file + "correction" file)

HomePage: https://www.wavpack.com/


  • Support: up to 32-bit integer/float  PCM;
  • Support: DSD
  • Assembly language optimizations for x86, x64, and ARM
  • Instantly seekable and streaming capable
  • ReplayGain
  • Uses ID3v1
  • MD5 audio checksums for verification




"high" mode (-h)

this will increase both the packing and unpacking time by about 50%
For the best lossless compression WavPack can offer, use -hhx6
the -x switch works well with these two modes(high, fast)

-hh = very high quality

This option slows both by about a factor of about 2,
and is not recommended for use on portable devices
because of the high CPU load required for decoding.


extra encode processing (optional n = 1-6, 1 = default)
Because the standard compression parameters are optimized for "normal" CD music audio,
this option works best with "non-standard" audio