Budgets二, 06/09/2022 - 17:51 的修訂版本





  • Savings Plans
  • EC2 RIs(Reserved Instances)


Savings Plans


Compute Savings Plans

* regardless of region, instance family, size, OS, tenancy
* Apply to EC2 Fargate or Lambda usage

EC2 Instance Savings Plans

 * A given EC2 instance family(t3, m6?) in a chosen region
    (regardless of size, OS or tenancy)

價錢比較 t3 # All Upfront

33%       <- Compute Savings Plans
41%       <- EC2 Instance Savings Plans


EC2 RIs(Reserved Instances)


You have the flexibility to change families, OS types, and tenancies while benefitting from RI pricing when you use Convertible RIs.

AWS Billing automatically applies your RI’s discounted rate when attributes of EC2 instance usage match attributes of an active RI.

Can apply to usage across all Availability Zones in an AWS region


 * Change Availability Zone, instance size (for Linux OS), networking type
(Using ModifyReservedInstances API and console)


 * Change instance families, operating system, tenancy, and payment option