web ssh (shellinabox)

最後更新: 2016-07-27


* color
* support right-click


# Install

apt-get install openssl shellinabox

# Configure

vi /etc/default/shellinabox

# Listen Port, Default: 4200

# -t | --disable-ssl

# Start Service

service shellinabox restart

# Testing

netstat -ntlp | grep shellinabox




# Service

-s | --service=service

If no particular service was requested, the server launches /bin/login querying the user for their username and password. It then starts the user's default login shell.

i.e. The terminal connects to a ssh session on example.org.

shellinaboxd -s /:SSH:example.org

# static-file

The daemon serves various built-in resources from URLs underneath the service mount points.

-f | --static-file=url:file

i.e. Runs all services with the audible-bell permanently disabled.

shellinaboxd -t -f beep.wav:/dev/null

# 黑底白字 (U16)

rm -i /etc/shellinabox/options-enabled/*

ln -s "/etc/shellinabox/options-available/00_White On Black.css" "/etc/shellinabox/options-enabled/00+White On Black.css"

Options that should be turned on by default have the "_" character replaced with a "+" character.