Active Backup for Business




  • win7sp1 ~ win10
  • s2008R2 ~ s2016


ActiveBackup-x86_64-2.0.4-0621.spk # 6.1.7(15284)




xpenology active backup for business activate

If you set a valid serialnumber in your grub.conf youll get the synology account login screen for activation instead of 404.






Manual backup cannot be performed by the agent, but only Active Backup for Business on DSM.

CBT (Changed Block Tracking) is mainly supported by VSS (Volume Shadow Copy) service originated on a Windows device that supports VSS service.

The Active Backup for Business Agent service will be running in the background and not be terminated after closing the window.

Instead, the service will be listed on the notification area and icon on the Taskbar of the Windows desktop.

By right-clicking on the tray icon, a context menu on which all the available options are listed.

One device only can connect to one sever.

Restore Personal Computer

Granular (file/folder level) restore:

Personal computer backup supports granular (file and folder-level) restore through Active Backup for Business Portal.

Admins are able to delegate the restore permission to each end user through DSM Control Panel.

Entire device restore:

Entire device restore is available with a recovery media.

To restore the entire device or the backed-up volume, please create a recovery media in advance.

To have a personal computer backed up as a physical server:


Instant Restore to VMware or Instant Restore to Synology Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)

You may change the device type and have a personal computer protected as a physical server

Step: Select a device and click More -> Click Change device type.


maximum quantity of concurrent backup devices

Global 設定來, 指 NAS 同時最多 backup 多小隻 VM

Backup 份數

Synology 是用 GFS policy keep backup 的

Grandfather-Father-Son (GFS) retention policy:

i.e. such as daily, weekly and monthly

Keep only the latest versions

means the maximum number of the recent versions you may keep.

The exceeding versions will be rotated based on the GFS retention policy or

will be deleted when no other retention policy is configured.

Restore 的權限

Only administrators users are allowed to perform Instant Restore and Full Virtual Machine Restore for virtual machine backup tasks.

Other users who are enabled in this step can only perform Guest Files (Windows / Linux) Restore from Active Backup for Business Portal.





平時 Taskbar agent - ui-agent.exe

Backup 時 Service -  backup-service.exe 它執行時只用 Ram: 27M


Recovery Media


Synology Active Backup for Business Recovery Media Creator

allows you to create a boot image in USB or ISO format in just one click.

它會安裝 Win10 ADK 去建立 PE