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  • File extension
  • 16 digit number
  • Excel tick symbol
  • Office 2007 Auto-Save
  • Sort Data
  • revision tracking
  • Cells not updating automatically
  • Single Cell mult line
  • Merge Cell
  • Use Excel Without Mouse
  • To remove duplicate values
  • 用過多字型
  • Excel show sheet list
  • AutoRevover
  • Lock File
  • 受保護的檢視


File extension



XLSM file extension is an Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook file created in Excel 2007 or newer

Just like with XLSX files, Microsoft's XLSM file format uses XML architecture and ZIP compression

to store things like text and formulas into cells that are organized into rows and columns.


16 digit number


If I type in a 16 digit number (format: number, no decimals) it changes the number on me.

Example: 1234567812345678 changes the view to 1234567812345670.


# Each cell can have a maximum 15 digits of precision


Entering the numbers as text. You may type a ' before each number, or change the cell's number format to Text.


Excel tick symbol



Change the font to *

 * "Wingdings 1"

tick    ALT+0251
cross   ALT+0252

 * "Wingdings 2"

tick      Shife + P

cross    Shife + O


INSERT -> Symbols -> Font: "Wingding 2"


Excel remove cross out (Strikethrough)


Right-Click -> Format Cells -> Font tab -> un-tick Effects - "Strikethrough option"



Office 2007 Auto-Save


Microsoft Office Button

Excel Options


Select the Save AutoRecover information every x minutes


Sort Data


Select the columns you want to sort. For the best results, the columns should have headings.

Click Data > Sort.

Under Column, in theSort by box, select the column you want to sort by.

Under Order, select Custom List.


revision tracking


* turned on or off on a per-workbook basis

* By default, Excel keeps the change history for 30 days

Turn on change tracking for a workbook

On the "Review" tab, in the "Changes group", click "Share Workbook".




Cells not updating automatically


2010 and 2013: File > Options > Formulas > Workbook Calculation > Automatic



Single Cell mult line


Hotkey: Alt + Enter


Merge Cell


Click Home > Merge & Center


Use Excel Without Mouse


按 <Alt> 後會show hotkey number


<Alt> + H


To remove duplicate values


"Data tab" -> "Data Tools group" -> "Remove Duplicates command"  (Excel 2013)






# 解決方案: .xls -> .xlsx

# Office 2013

File -> Export -> Change File Type -> Workbook

Excel show sheet list


Right-click the worksheet navigation controls (左下) to bring up a new Activate window.



Recover crashed Excel from Temporary folder


Follow the temporary file folder location on your PC and find the crashed or unsaved/lost Excel document:

# For Windows 10/8 users:


# For Windows 7 users:



Select the unsaved Excel file which crashed and copy it to Windows PC desktop and save it as a new file.

相關 Setting

FILE -> Options -> Save -> Save AutoRevover information every 10 minutes

建議修改成 auto save 成 "Excel Binary Workbook"


Excel Binary Workbook (.xlsb)


它是一個 zip 了的 binary file 來 (xlsx 是有個 zip 的 xml)

xlsb 有更好的 performance 及 file size

  • Opens/saves more quickly
  • Smaller file size

  • Binary files have the same RAM memory requirements as other Excel file formats
  • Excel Binary & macro-enabled workbooks may store VBA/macro code, a potential security concern.
  • not in the open standards-based XML file format (OpenXML)


Lock File



This temporary file is called the "owner file"

It is a hidden file.


It created in the same folder as the document/template

It is how Word knows that the file is in use and who is using it.

When the document and Word close normally, the file is deleted.

This temporary file holds the logon name of person who opens the file.




1. 按一下 [檔案] > [開啟舊檔]。

2. 在 [開啟舊檔] 對話方塊上,按一下 [開啟] 按鈕旁的箭號。

3. 按一下清單中的 [以受保護的檢視開啟]。


文件 > 選項 > 信託中心 > 信任中心設置 > 受保護的視圖