fuse - curlftpfs

最後更新: 2021-08-31

掛載 FTP(curlftpfs)



apt-get install curlftpfs


  • /usr/bin/curlftpfs




curlftpfs [-o opt] <ftphost> <mountpoint>

user=STR            設定用戶名


curlftpfs -o user=datahunter lamp ./mnt

Enter host password for user 'datahunter':


Other Opts


    codepage=STR        set the codepage the server uses
    iocharset=STR       set the charset used by the client
    utf8                try to transfer file list with utf-8 encoding



    ssl                 enable SSL/TLS for both control and data connections
    ssl_control         enable SSL/TLS only for control connection
    cert=STR            client certificate file (SSL)
    key=STR             private key file name (SSL)
    pass=STR            pass phrase for the private key (SSL)
    cacert=STR          file with CA certificates to verify the peer





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