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最後更新: 2023-09-15


  • Install runner
  • Install as Service

Install runner


# 安裝系統工具

apt-get install tar gzip bzip2 rsync -y

 * 千萬別安系統的 git, 否則會出 Error

# Create a folder

$ mkdir actions-runner && cd actions-runner # Download the latest runner package

$ curl -o actions-runner-linux-x64-2.309.0.tar.gz -L

# Optional: Validate the hash

$ echo "2974243bab2a282349ac833475d241d5273605d3628f0685bd07fb5530f9bb1a  actions-runner-linux-x64-2.309.0.tar.gz" | shasum -a 256 -c

# Extract the installer

$ tar -zxf ./actions-runner-linux-x64-2.309.0.tar.gz

# Create the runner and start the configuration experience

$ ./ --url{org here} --token {token here}


# To remove your self-hosted runner from an organization

./ remove --token TOKEN

# Last step, run it!

$ ./


Install as Service script that is created after successfully adding the runner to install and manage using the application as a service.

1. Stop the self-hosted runner application if it is currently running.

run cli by root

./ install USERNAME
./ start
./ status
./ stop
./ uninstall



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