Adding a New Disk to an Existing Windows 2008 Cluster





[1] SAN management software or the iSCSI initiator/target software

Add disk

[2] Disk Management

presented my new disk to the cluster.
(the new disk should show as ‘Basic’ and ‘Offline’ on every node of the cluster.)

In Windows 2008, when a new disk or LUN is presented to an OS, the default behavior is to leave the drive ‘Offline’.
By doing this, we avoid getting into a scenario where both nodes of a cluster could potentially see and access the same disks.


Right click in the gray area to the left of the volume bar, and then select ‘Online’.

create the volume as a ‘New Simple Volume’.
( "Dynamic" which are not supported in a clustered environment )


In the ‘Actions’ pane at the far right in Failover Cluster Manager, select ‘Add a disk’.

 * Server 2008 R2 "Basic Disk" support online resize