Azure Guest Agent service



 * If you do not have the Agents installed, you cannot use some Azure services, such as Azure Backup or Azure Security.

 * The Windows VM Agent needs at least Windows Server 2008 SP2 (64-bit) to run, with the .Net Framework 4.0.

 * Ensure your VM has access to IP address

Check whether the Windows Azure Guest Agent service is installed


存在 Folder

C:\WindowsAzure folder

Task Manager 有 processes:

WindowsAzureGuestAgent.exe: Windows Azure Guest Agent service
WaAppAgent.exe: RDAgent service
WindowsAzureNetAgent.exe: Windows Azure Network Agent service
WindowsAzureTelemetryService.exe: Windows Azure Telemetry Service


Re-install Agent


net stop rdagent

net stop WindowsAzureGuestAgent

net stop WindowsAzureTelemetryService

sc delete rdagent

sc delete WindowsAzureGuestAgent

sc delete WindowsAzureTelemetryService

Install new once