Apache 2.4 的 Inherit ( .htaccess )






  • Inherit
  • InheritBefore      # v2.3.10 and later
  • InheritDown        # v2.4.8 and later
  • InheritDownBefore  # v2.4.8 and later
  • IgnoreInherit      # v2.4.8 and later
  • AllowNoSlash       # v2.4.0 and later
  • AllowAnyURI        # v2.4.3 and later
  • MergeBase          # v2.4.4 and later
  • IgnoreContextInfo  # 2.4.16 and later
  • LegacyPrefixDocRoot


This forces the current configuration to inherit the configuration of the parent.
The inherited rules are virtually copied to the section where this directive is being used.
If used in combination with local rules, the inherited rules are copied behind the local rules.
If local rules forced the rewriting to stop, the inherited rules won't be processed.


Like Inherit above, but the rules from the parent scope are applied before rules specified in the child scope.


If this option is enabled, all child configurations will inherit the configuration of the current configuration.
It is equivalent to specifying RewriteOptions Inherit in all child configurations.


  • RHEL 5: based on upstream v2.2.3
  • RHEL 6: based on upstream v2.2.15
  • RHEL 7: based on upstream v2.4.6
  • RHEL 8: based on upstream v2.4.37