Synology sync folder between two nas




每個方案的 NAT Port


  • Shared Folder Sync       # 要開 port
  • Snapshot Replication     # 要開 port
  • Hyper Backup              # 要開 port
  • Synology Drive             # 可以用 QuickConnect


Synology Drive (它包含了 ShareSync)



Versioning Server


Drive Client - It is the application to sync data across multiple Synology NAS.

 * Select the remote shared folders on the remote NAS you wish to sync to the local NAS.

 * Each local NAS can connect with multiple remote NAS, but a remote NAS and a local NAS can only be paired once.

 * A local shared folder cannot be set as the sync folder for multiple remote NAS at the same time.

For example:

folder abc on local NAS A is used as the sync folder for synchronization between local NAS A and remote NAS X.

Thus, it cannot be used as the sync folder for the connection between local NAS A and any other remote NAS.

 * The synchronization will be download-only if the account used to sign in to the remote NAS does not have write permission to the remote shared folder.


Drive ShareSync (Client) -connect to-> Drive (Server)

如果要 NAT 開 port, 就要在 Drive 那裡開 (6690/TCP)