RecuseCD 功能一覽

RecuseCD 是我最心愛的工具碟來, 它集所有必殺 Linux 工具於一碟, 能力驚人 !!





MEMORY: megabytes
ITERATIONS: infinite

root  privileges  to  mlock
It will then attempt to mlock this memory
decrease the amount of memory requested until it succeeds.

pagesize is 4096
pagesizemask is 0xfffff000
want 32MB (33554432 bytes)
got  32MB (33554432 bytes), trying mlock ...locked.
Loop 1:
  Stuck Address       : ok
  Random Value        : ok
  Compare XOR         : ok
  Compare SUB         : ok
  Compare MUL         : ok
  Compare DIV         : ok
  Compare OR          : ok
  Compare AND         : ok
  Sequential Increment: ok
  Solid Bits          : ok
  Block Sequential    : ok
  Checkerboard        : ok
  Bit Spread          : ok
  Bit Flip            : ok
  Walking Ones        : ok
  Walking Zeroes      : ok