最後更新: 2019-05-15


nsenter - namespaces enter


Package: util-linux



# Specify a target process to get contexts from. (只係 get, 但沒有套用)

-t, --target pid              

/proc/pid/ns/mnt    the mount namespace
/proc/pid/ns/uts    the UTS namespace
/proc/pid/ns/ipc    the IPC namespace
/proc/pid/ns/net    the network namespace
/proc/pid/ns/pid    the PID namespace
/proc/pid/ns/user   the user namespace
/proc/pid/root      the root directory
/proc/pid/cwd       the working directory respectively

# Set ns

-m, --mount[=file]         # If file is specified, enter the mount namespace specified by file
-u, --uts[=file]
-i, --ipc[=file]
-n, --net[=file]
-p, --pid[=file]
-U, --user[=file]

# 設定進入 ns 後身份

-G, --setgid gid

Set the group ID which will be used in the entered namespace and drop supplementary groups. (default is 0)

-S, --setuid uid

Set the user ID which will be used in the entered namespace. (default is 0)


# lxc, 相當於 lxc-attach

# Get VPS 的 PID

lxc-info -n proxy -p             # Output: "PID:            32302"

nsenter -t 32302 -m -u -i -n -p

# docker

PID=$(docker inspect --format {{.State.Pid}} <container_name_or_ID>)

nsenter -t $PID -m -u -i -n -p