NSSM - Service Manager



NSSM is the Non-Sucking service manager

HomePage: http://nssm.cc/download

 - graphical service installer and remover
 - nssm should work under Windows 2000 or later


NSSM will launch the application listed in the registry when

you send it a start signal and will terminate it when you send a stop signal.



unzip it in C:\nssm-2.24 directory

cd C:\nssm-2.24\win64

It will pop up GUI screen in which we have to provide nginx information.

# nssm install <servicename>

nssm.exe install nginx

# Edit Setting

nssm edit <servicename>


nssm get <servicename> <parameter>

nssm set <servicename> <parameter> <value>

nssm reset <servicename> <parameter>

# Controlling services using the command line

    nssm start <servicename>

    nssm restart <servicename>

    nssm stop <servicename>

    nssm status <servicename>

# Removing services using the GUI

nssm remove <servicename>