racadm, idracadm

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Remote: racadm
Local: idracadm


Remote: racadm


usage syntax

racadm -r <RAC IP address> -u <username> -p <password> <subcommand> <options>


# Default local

racadm getsysinfo

# Connect to

racadm -r -u racuser1 -p aygqt12a getsysinfo


ps -ef|grep '[r]acsvc'

apt-get install srvadmin-racsvc


Local: idracadm 


  • package: srvadmin-idracadm


./idracadm help

 clearasrscreen         -- clear the last ASR (crash) screen
 closessn               -- close a session
 clrraclog              -- clear the RAC log
 clrsel                 -- clear the System Event Log (SEL)
 config                 -- modify RAC configuration properties
 coredump               -- display the last RAC coredump
 coredumpdelete         -- delete the last RAC coredump
 fwupdate               -- update the RAC firmware
 getconfig              -- display RAC configuration properties
 getniccfg              -- display current network settings
 getraclog              -- display the RAC log
 getractime             -- display the current RAC time
 getsel                 -- display records from the System Event Log (SEL)
 getssninfo             -- display session information
 getsvctag              -- display service tag information
 getsysinfo             -- display general RAC and system information
 gettracelog            -- display the RAC diagnostic trace log
 krbkeytabupload        -- upload kerberose keytab file to the RAC
 localconredirdisable   -- disable the Virtual Console from a local Console
 racreset               -- perform a RAC reset operation
 racresetcfg            -- restore the RAC configuration to factory defaults
 remoteimage            -- Makes a remote ISO image available to the server
 serveraction           -- perform system power management operations
 setniccfg              -- modify network configuration properties
 sshpkauth              -- manage SSH PK authentication keys on the RAC
 sslcertdownload        -- download an SSL certificate from the RAC
 sslcertupload          -- upload an SSL certificate to the RAC
 sslcertview            -- view SSL certificate information
 sslcsrgen              -- generate a certificate CSR from the RAC
 sslkeyupload           -- upload an SSL key to the RAC
 testemail              -- test RAC e-mail notifications
 testtrap               -- test RAC SNMP trap notifications
 usercertupload         -- upload an user certificate to the DRAC
 usercertview           -- view user certificate information
 version                -- display the version info of RACADM
 vflashpartition        -- manage partitions on the vFlash SD card
 vflashsd               -- perform vFlash SD Card initialization
 vmdisconnect           -- disconnect Virtual Media connections


idracadm getsysinfo


Start service



Starting Systems Management Device Drivers:
Starting dell_rbu: Already started *
Starting ipmi driver:  * Already started
Starting Systems Management Data Engine:
Starting dsm_sa_datamgrd: Already started *
Starting dsm_sa_eventmgrd: Already started *
Starting dsm_sa_snmpd: Already started *

如果唔 start, 那執行 command 後會報錯

The RAC is unable to communicate with the BMC...


idracadm Usage


./idracadm version

RACADM version 7.1.0
Copyright (c) 2003-2012 Dell, Inc.
All Rights Reserved


./idracadm help


./idracadm help getconfig


./idracadm getsysinfo

Watchdog Information:
Recovery Action         = None
Present countdown value = 15 seconds
Initial countdown value = 15 seconds 

./idracadm getniccfg

IPv4 settings:
Enabled                 = 1
Current IP Address      =
Current IP Gateway      =
Current IP Netmask      =
DHCP Enabled            = 0
Current DNS Server 1    =
Current DNS Server 2    =
DNS Servers from DHCP   = 0

./idracadm getractime

Sat Dec  8 16:22:53 2012


# -h : display all available configuration groups

# -i : index of indexed group (used with -g)

./idracadm getconfig -h


# System Event Log (SEL)

# display SEL log  

# 要等好耐才有野看

./idracadm getsel

Record:      1
Date/Time:   12/08/2012 16:33:21
Source:      system
Severity:    Ok
Description: Log cleared.

# clear the SEL log

./idracadm clrsel

# display the RAC log

./idracadm  getraclog

# clear the RAC log

./idracadm  clrraclog

One Instance of Local RACADM is already executing. Exiting the current session.


idracadm package


Windowns: OM-DRAC-Dell-Web-WINX64-8.1.0-1518_A00.exe

Path: C:\Program Files\Dell\SysMgt\idrac



Configure Network


racadm config -g cfgLanNetworking -o cfgNicEnable 1
racadm config -g cfgLanNetworking -o cfgNicIpAddress
racadm config -g cfgLanNetworking -o cfgNicNetmask
racadm config -g cfgLanNetworking -o cfgNicGateway

racadm config -g cfgLanNetworking -o cfgDNSServer1
racadm config -g cfgLanNetworking -o cfgDNSServer2

racadm config -g cfgLanNetworking -o cfgNicUseDHCP 0
racadm config -g cfgLanNetworking -o cfgDNSServersFromDHCP 0
racadm config -g cfgLanNetworking -o cfgDNSRegisterRac 0


Resets the iDRAC to the default configuration




Setup by configure file


# Load the configuration file into the iDRAC

racadm config -f <filename>


Enable SSH


racadm config -g cfgSerial -o cfgSerialSshEnable 1


List user A/C &Reset password


cd /opt/dell/srvadmin/bin

# list user

./idracadm getconfig -g cfgUserAdmin -i 2

# reset pw

./idracadm config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminPassword -i 2 "?????????????"