Restore RAID config on PERC H330



Accidentally deleted virtual disk


Fix by recreate the VD without initializing it (This is called a retag)

You must know the EXACT settings used to create the array (stripe size, VD size, etc.).


# 選擇 00, 01 ... 要對次序, 尤其在 RAID5/6 情況 !!


# 必須原與舊有 RAID 一樣 "Strip Size"


# 必須 skip initialization !!

("Advanced" and "Initialize boxes" are NOT checked)


# Back Init. 是不影響的



Background initialization (BGI)


Background Initialization is an automated process that writes the parity or mirror data on newly created virtual disks.

BGI does not run on RAID 0 virtual disks.

If a BGI is in progress and you start any of the following actions:

  • A Full Initialization on the virtual disk
  • A Fast Initialization on the virtual disk
  • A Consistency Check on the virtual disk

After the background initialization completes

  • a RAID 5 virtual disk : the parity information is initialized.
  • a RAID 1 virtual disk:  the physical disks are mirrored.


You cannot disable BGI permanently. If you cancel BGI, it automatically restarts within five minutes.

Unlike full or fast initialization of virtual disks, background initialization does not clear data from the physical disks.

Consistency Check (CC) and BGI perform similar functions in that they both correct parity errors.

However, CC reports data inconsistencies through an event notification, but BGI does not. You can start CC manually, but not BGI.