linux route command



Version & Help


route -V [--version]

net-tools 1.60
route 1.98 (2001-04-15)

-h [--help]



route  [-v]  [-A  family]  add  <-net|-host>  target[/N] [gw Gw] [metric N] [mss M] [window W] [irtt I] [reject] [mod] [dyn] [reinstate] [[dev] If]

-net        # the target is a network.

-host      # the target is a host.

dev If      # force the route to be associated with the specified device, as the kernel will otherwise try  to  determine the  device  on its own

reject      # install a blocking route, which will force a route lookup to fail.  This is for example used  to  mask  out networks before using the default route.

metric M

mss M


# Default Route

route add default gw

# to via by nic eth1

route add -net gw dev eth1


route  [-v] [-A family] del [-net|-host] target [gw Gw] [netmask Nm] [metric N] [[dev] If]




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