Search Tools





 + portable
 + tiny file size (v3.1 = 90 KB)
 + Specifies the folder that you want to scan(Base Folder)
 + use wildcards (filename, subfolder)
 + exclude files by extension
 + exclude folders
 + export search results to an text/html/csv/xml file / copy the list to the clipboard
 + integrate itself into the Windows right-click context menu
 + by particular size
 + by last modified/created/last accessed time
 + by file attributes
 + by file contains (text or binary search)
 + Duplicate Search Mode (very slow & consume a large amount of memory)




free file search tool for Windows with a super clean program interface

 + only indexes file and folder names, file size and date modified
 + "Everything" will automatically index all fixed NTFS volumes
 + support network share driver
     (This can be a lot slower than NTFS indexing)
 + Accessible through right-click menu
 + Lightweight; ideal for old, slow computer
    (120,000 files ~ will use about 14 MB of ram and less than 9 MB of disk space)
 + the results show up instantly - there's no need to wait or press Enter
 + includes an HTTP and FTP server
 + exclude any custom, system, or hidden file and folder from search results
 + includes a portable download option
 + Everything service helps Everything index NTFS volumes and monitor USN Journals.
 - No way to shield specific content from search.
 - Searches restricted to file names.

Add a network share to the Everything index

Tools menu -> click Options -> Folders tab -> Click Add....

Everything Service

  • Everything.exe -install-service
  • Everything.exe -uninstall-service
  • Everything.exe -start-service
  • Everything.exe -stop-service

Indexes Database location


Stop scanning folders on startup

In Everything, type in the following search and press ENTER:


To reduce the memory requirements for "Everything":

Tools menu -> click Options -> Indexes tab

  • Uncheck Index recent changes.
  • Uncheck Index file size.
  • ...