redhat Technology Preview feature

Stratis provides ZFS/Btrfs-style features by integrating layers of existing technology: Linux’s devicemapper subsystem, and the XFS filesystem.

dnf install stratisd stratis-cli

stratis daemon version

systemctl start stratisd

# A pool with 2 block devices (no redundancy)
stratis pool create tale_of_2_disks /dev/sdd /dev/sde

# Creating a filesystem
stratis filesystem create tale_of_2_disks fs_name

# list
stratis filesystem [pool_name]

# add-data: Add a disk to an existing pool
# init-cache: Initialize cache
# add-cache: add block device as cache device

# rename
# Rename a pool
stratis pool rename orig_pool_name new_pool_name

# Rename a file system
stratis filesystem rename pool_name orig_fs_name new_fs_name

# snapshot: Create a snapshot
stratis filesystem snapshot Pool_Name FS_Name Snapshot_Name

# Query which block devices belong to a pool
stratis blockdev list [Pool_Name]