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  • tomato
  • advancedtomato



  • Broadcom chipset
  • partially free HyperWRT-based
  • heavy use of Ajax

Tomato is based on the GPL source code released by Linksys


* upgrade your router's GUI to a clean and contemporary flat design

* hardware support list

* Homage:

* Download:


Flashing the ASUS RT-AC66U


<1> !!! Check Version !!!

RT-AC66U 的 Version 係 K26RT-AC

<2> Downloading

A) Firmware Restoration Utility

B) firmware(.trx)

<3> Starting the ASUS RT-AC66U in emergency firmware restore mode

1. Power off the ASUS RT-AC66U.
2. Press and hold on to the reset button.
3. While holding down the reset button, power on the ASUS RT-AC66U
4. When the power led starts slow flashing / blinking, release the reset button

<4> Flashing the TomatoUSB firmware using the firmware restoration utility

Launch the ASUS RT-AC66U Firmware Restoration Utility on your computer.

In the Firmware Restoration Utility, browse for the TomatoUSB (Shibby) firmware that you have downloaded earlier.

Start the firmware flashing process.


1) Router 要有 setting 先. (即係 router 要 initial configure 先)
2) PC IP
3) 入去 restore mode 係 ping 到 的
3) Update 過程中係 ping 唔到 的.

<5> Clean setting (Reboot X 2)

    After the router has completed booting up, navigate to the TomatoUSB web

    Default Credentials:

    user: root / admin

    Navigate to Administration –> Configuration.

    Under the “Restore Default Configuration” option, select “Erase all data in NVRAM (thorough)” and click Ok.

    The router should reboot.

    Through the TomatoUSB web administration page, reboot the router using the “Reboot…” function.