web ftp client

最後更新: 2015-10-12


php web client:

  • monsta_ftp
  • net2ftp
  • phpwebftp





1. mkdir ftp
2. cd ftp
3. wget http://www.monstaftp.com/download/monsta_ftp_v1.6.4_install.zip
4. unzip monsta_ftp_v1.6.4_install.zip
5. Access the install from yourdomain.com/ftp


Enter the host address/port/mode if it should always be a fixed host address.
Leave this blank if you want the user to input their host address.

1 for passive, 0 for not passive

1 for SSL, 0 for not SSL

Enter an FTP server path for the default login (or leave blank for home folder)

A list of file types that can be edited in the text editor

USA date format - 1 for mm/dd/yy, 0 for dd/mm/yy

$editableExts = "asp,ashx,asmx,aspx,asx,axd,cfm,cgi,css,html,htm,jhtml,js,php,phtml,pl,txt,xhtml";
$editableExts = "txt";

# 1 to check Monsta FTP server for updates
$versionCheck = 0;

# The number of minutes to lockout 15 consecutive invalid logins
$lockOutTime = 15;

# 1 to show option to lock session to IP, 0 to hide
$showLockSess = 0;

# 1 to show host address in info box, 0 to hide (after login)
$showHostInfo = 0;

# 1 to show advanced interface option at login
$showAdvOption = 0;


max_input_time = 180
max_execution_time = 180


Can I remove the option to select a skin on login?

Yes, simply delete the skin files from the "skins" folder you don't want (leaving at least 1 skin file) and this will be set as default without an option to select.


the system will lockout the user after 3 failed attempts.
You can set how long the lockout lasts for.


"Save Login Details"

FTP details (host, username, password) will be saved in plain text to a cookie on your system.