windows ramdisk



Gavotte RAMDisk


支援 Win7 及 XP






# Right Click "Computer" -> Properties

# No ramdisk 時

設定 ramdisk size 768M 後

# ramdisk without pae

# ramdisk with pae



Window 7 memory 說明


Modified (orange)

This represents pages of memory that can be used by other programs

but would have to be written to the page file before they can be reused.

Standby (blue)

Windows 7 tries as hard as it can to keep this cache of memory as full as possible.

In XP and earlier, the Standby list was basically a dumb first-in, first-out cache.

Beginning with Windows Vista and continuing with Windows 7, the memory manager is much smarter about the Standby list,

prioritizing every page on a scale of 0 to 7 and reusing low-priority pages ahead of high-priority ones.

Free (light blue)

Windows tries its very best to avoid leaving any memory at all free.

If you find yourself with a big enough chunk of memory here,

you can bet that Windows will do its best to fill it by copying data from the disk and adding the new pages to the Standby list,

based primarily on its SuperFetch measurements.


BIOS 打開 memory remap/hole

Advanced -> Chipset -> NorthBridge Configuration -> DRAM Controller Configuration

Memory Hole Remapping

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