Synology - Hyper Backup

最後更新: 2020-09-18



Hyper Backup



low Consumption

* Data deduplication (cross-version deduplication)
 * Data encryption and compression
 * Block-level incremental backup (For multi-version backup )
 * Integrity check
   (data corruption can be detected in previous backup versions)
 * Pause and resume your backup tasks

Backup destination:

local shared folder
an external device
another Synology NAS (Hyper Backup Vault)
an rsync server
a public cloud service (Google Drive, Amazon Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, S3-compatible storage, and Synology C2)


  • Hyper Backup <- Client
  • Hyper Backup Vault <- Server


6281 / TCP



 * Modifying or deleting files directly in a backup destination does corrupt stored backup data and cause unexpected behavior.


version=["8"]          <-- 第幾次 backup


Shared Folder: remote shared folder

Dirctory: 本機名_1(Default)

backup integrity check

Relink to existing task

To reuse existing backup data on any destination, select Relink to existing task.

Relinking helps you directly leverage(杠杆作用) the backup data from a different task.

Checking backup integrity

Check index structure:

This action ensures that backup and deletion will be performed successfully.

Check data:

Data check ensures that backup data can be restored correctly.

"0 minutes" indicates no time limit, which means all backup data will be checked in each run.

 * no data is actually transferred during the Integrity Check

 * If the integrity check schedule conflicts with the backup schedule, they will be performed sequentially instead of simultaneously.

 * If "Check data" is enabled, the checking progress will be written into logs with the data size and backup versions that get checked.

log example:


2020-01-31T11:07:52+08:00 MyNAS detect_monitor: (24420) [info] task_state_machine.cpp:311 task 
    [1] from state [Backupable] to state [ErrorDetect] with action [Error Detect]
2020-01-31T12:29:43+08:00 MyNAS detect_monitor: (24424) [info] task_state_machine.cpp:311 task 
    [1] from state [ErrorDetect] to state [Backupable] with action [Finish]

Case Study

Server 在 Upgrade FW 間死了, 而 Data 仍在.

在 Server 重裝 DSM 後, 再安返 "Hyper Backup Vault" 及建立了相同 User,

但在 Client Side 依然 backup/integrity check 失敗


"*.hbk" 檔我 owner 不正確 (UID)

Backup Server

rsync server

rsync 同樣支持備份修改過的 data block (當 file 有更新時不會整 file copy 多次)

Setting: Server type

  • Synology rsync server    # 用 Synology User A/C Password
  • rsync-compatible server # 用 rsync A/C password

 * 設定後不能修改 (如果想修改只有 "Relink to existing task")

 * 雖然 rsync 與 Hyper Backup Vault 的 Backup 檔都叫 hbk, 但它們不可以互相 Relink




# Server (Hyper Backup Vault)


# rsync service


# Client (Hyper Backup)