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  • Instances
  • EBS
  • Data Transfer
  • Elastic IP Addresses
  • CloudWatch


Instances types


tX - General Purpose

Burstable Performance Instances

(Burst are governed by CPU Credits(accrue CPU Credits when they are idle))

t3.nano - 6 CPU Credits/hour
t3.micro - 12 CPU Credits/hour

rX - Memory Optimized


  • Up to 768 GiB of memory per instance
r5.large 16G (最細 Instance)

cX - Compute Optimized

C5 instances

可以設定 Threads per core (Core x Threads per core = Number of vCPUs)

sustained all core Turbo frequency of 3.6GHz and single core turbo frequency of up to 3.9GHz

iX - Storage Optimized


Use Cases: NoSQL databases