DRAC watchdog



Once the watchdog is enabled, OMSA sends heartbeats to the iDrac to keep the watchdog from expiring.



啟動 watchdog:

當設定好 Action 後, 它會自動啟動 !!


設定 action:

Valid parameters are:

  • action=none           // No recovery action.
  • action=reboot         // On recovery, reboot the server.
  • action=poweroff      // On recovery, poweroff the server.
  • action=powercycle   // On recovery, power cycle the server.

root@lxc:/opt/dell/srvadmin/bin# ./omconfig system recovery action=reboot



root@lxc:/opt/dell/srvadmin/bin# ./idracadm getsysinfo -w

Watchdog Information:
Recovery Action         = Reboot
Present countdown value = 177 seconds
Initial countdown value = 180 seconds

Default Setting:

Watchdog Information:
Recovery Action         = None
Present countdown value = 15 seconds
Initial countdown value = 15 seconds

Default 設定好 Action 後:

Watchdog Information:
Recovery Action         = Reboot
Present countdown value = 478 seconds
Initial countdown value = 480 seconds



root@lxc:/opt/dell/srvadmin/bin# ./omconfig system recovery timer=180

  • timer=<number>     Set system reset timer (from 60 to 720 seconds).

當沒有設定好 action 時, 那是不能啟動 watchdog 的:

Error! You cannot configure the System Recovery timer, if action is set to None.



當 server reboot 後,  watch 會還原 Default Setting



Web interface





system reset: