GPU acceleration enabled, webgl enabled


To force-enable WebGL:


By default, both Firefox and Chrome use the ANGLE layer to render WebGL draw calls under Windows.

ANGLE is an implementation of the OpenGL ES 2.0 specification that is hardware-accelerated via Direct3D 9.

native OpenGL in Firefox


texture size "8192" => ANGLE

用 native 後 Max Texture Size 會是 16384


To force-enable WebGL anti-aliasing:


Don’t confuse hardware acceleration with WebGL. WebGL is an OpenGL-like API for Javascript to draw 3D objects into a <canvas> element. Obviously, WebGL is itself hardware accelerated since it uses OpenGL (or Direct3D through ANGLE on Windows if no OpenGL drivers are present).

Testing link:



To force-enable Layers Acceleration


* Direct2D and DirectWrite is ONLY available on Windows 7

To force-enable Direct2D Content Acceleration:

On Windows Vista and Windows 7


<hardware acceleration>

Windows Vista/7

Content: Direct2D

Compositing: Direct 3D
(CSS effects applied to it that was making it rotate and fade in and out)



在 Graphics Section 有

Direct2D Enabled    true
DirectWrite Enabled    true
GPU Accelerated Windows    "1/1 Direct3D 10"

Testing link:


Why Direct2D and DirectWrite and not DirectX10?
- Direct2D and DirectWrite are new solutions to replace GDI/GDI+ in current and future versions of Windows. These new solutions run ontop of DirectX10.

* Direct2D and DirectWrite requires DirectX10

Direct2D 1.1 was launched with Windows 8[4]. It was also backported to Windows 7 SP1

Direct2D is a native code API based on C++ that can be called by managed code and uses a "lightweight COM"

Direct2D is an "immediate mode" rendering API with simple BeginDraw/Draw/EndDraw calls;


    ClearType text rendering (provided by DirectWrite)
    Per primitive antialiasing
    Draw and fill commands for geometries (lines, curves) and bitmaps
    Solid color, linear, radial, and bitmap brushes.
    Rendering to intermediate layers
    Rich geometry operations (e.g. unions, intersections, widening, outlining, etc.)

DirectWrite is a text layout and glyph rendering API by Microsoft.

Internet Explorer 9 and later versions use DirectWrite layered over Direct2D for improved visual quality and performance.


Comprehensive support for Unicode
Sub-pixel ClearType text rendering with bi-directional antialiasing
Provides a low-level glyph rendering API
Supports advanced typographic features of OpenType,
(such as stylistic alternates and swashes,)