Veeam Restore to Amazon EC2



Veeam Restore to Amazon EC2


Veeam Version >= 9.5

IAM Permission

Since Veeam Backup & Replication uses AWS CLI commands to perform operations in AWS,

  instead of a user name and password you must specify an AWS access key.

Restoring to Amazon EC2 with Proxy Appliance

Veeam Backup & Replication do below action:

  1. Creates a proxy appliance(Linux-based) in Amazon EC2. (Veeam -ssh-> proxy appliance)
  2. For every disk of a backed-up machine, it creates an empty EBS volume in Amazon EC2.
  3. hot-adds empty disks to the proxy appliance and restores backed-up data to the EBS volumes.
  4. It creates a target instance in Amazon EC2.
  5. detaches the EBS volumes from the proxy appliance and attaches them to the target instance.
  6. After the restore process is complete, removes the proxy appliance from Amazon EC2.

好處: 不用 S3 空間及不用 Import

Restoring to Amazon EC2 without Proxy Appliance

Veeam Backup & Replication do below action:

  1. uploads disks of a backed-up machine to Amazon S3
    (In S3, the uploaded disks are stored to the temporary bucket in the RAW format.)
  2. It imports the backed-up data from the temporary bucket in S3 to EBS volumes in EC2
  3. It creates a target instance in Amazon EC2 and attaches the EBS volumes to it
  4. After the import process is complete, It removes the temporary bucket from S3


Veeam Version: 9.5

To restore a VM to Amazon EC2, do the following:

    1) In the Veeam Backup & Replication console, open the Home view.

    2) In the inventory pane, under Backups select Disk.

    3) In the working area, expand the necessary backup node, right-click the VM that you want to restore,

        select Restore to Amazon EC2 and follow the steps of the Restore to Amazon EC2 wizard.


4) 填表

  1. Specify credentials and region settings
  2. Select a machine and restore point
  3. Specify an instance name
  4. Specify an instance type
  5. Select an Amazon VPC
  6. ...


2.1 GB 係 Instance 用了幾多 Storage