最後更新: 2019-11-04


Memory considerations (一般情況, 4G RAM 都夠)

R-Studio stores information about found files in computer memory.

If there are too many files, R-Studio may run out of it.


Clone Disk 設定


Byte to byte clone image

Clone Disk 時順便 Scan 埋

Pattern to fill bad blocks

R‑Studio treats bad sectors in the following way:

It reads a certain part of disk (predefined by Windows) and

If Default read attempts is set to 0, the entire part with bad sectors will be filled with the specified pattern.

建議用比較長的字串, 如 "BaDB1K~!"





Scan = 找出 Partition / RAW partition 內的 file


Using the IntelligentScan technology, R-Studio can recover files not only on new and existing partitions.

It also can find and recover data on partitions that have been deleted or reformatted.

As it uses probabilistic(概率的) approach to data reconstruction, it cannot guarantee 100% correct results.

# Scan 時的 Info.


Partitions Color

When the partition is scanned, a number of recognized partitions will appear.

Different colors depending on which elements of the partition have been found.

  • No Color - An existing logical disk or partition
  • Green - Both boot records and file entries are found for this partition
  • Orange - Only file entries are found for this partition
  • Red - Only boot records are found for this partition
  • Raw - Files that have been found using scan for known file types (raw file search).


"Extra Found Files" folder


Sometimes R‑Studio can find the files but not the entire file paths to them.

It puts such files into the Extra Found Files folder.




log 的 Error

[FileID: ?] Closing attribute: parsed allocated size (6144) differ from stored on (49152)

6144 <-- restore.
49152 <-- 原本.