最後更新: 2022-03-15



The goal of this project is to enable Remote Desktop Host support and

  concurrent RDP sessions on reduced functionality systems for home usage.

RDP Wrapper works as a layer between Service Control Manager and Terminal Services,

  so the original termsrv.dll file remains untouched. Also this method is very strong against Windows Update.

HomePage: https://github.com/stascorp/rdpwrap

OS: Win7~10, S08

 * Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003 will not be supported




  • RDPWInst.exe     RDP Wrapper Library installer/uninstaller
  • RDPCheck.exe     Local RDP Checker (you can check the RDP is working)
  • RDPConf.exe     RDP Wrapper Configuration
  • install.bat     Quick install batch file
  • uninstall.bat     Quick uninstall batch file
  • update.bat         Quick update batch file

Building the binaries:

x86/x64 C++ version can be built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013


Online install mode


It works in online mode by default. You may disable it by removing -o flag in the install.bat file.

The installer tries to access the Internet, it will download latest INI file from GitHub.

If you don't specify -o flag, it will extract built-in INI file from installer.

INI file was introduced in version 1.5. It stores system configuration for RDP Wrapper

(general wrapping settings, binary patch codes, and per build specific data.)

When new termsrv.dll build comes out, developer adds support for it by updating INI file in repository.